About Q

Q Bar offers a comfortable getaway for regulars and a delightful find for newcomers. Set atop an unassuming hotel near Beijing’s bustling Sanlitun area, it features one of the city’s longest bars and a sprawling rooftop deck with table seating, private boxes, a stand-alone bar and good views. | Q Bar是常客的胜地,也是新客的天堂。酒吧坐落在北京繁华的三里屯附近一家朴实无华的酒店之上,是北京最长的酒吧之一,楼顶宽大,设有桌椅、私人包厢以及独立吧台,能让您尽情欣赏迷人风景。

Proprietor George Zhou has been a mainstay on the cocktail scene since 2004, including at First Cafe, Midnight Cafe, Touch and George’s. He serves both the classics and house specialties.  | 店主周先生自2004年以来一直是调制鸡尾酒的中流砥柱,其履历包揽第一咖啡馆(First Cafe)、午夜咖啡馆(Midnight Cafe)、Touch和George‘s。无论经典口味还是店里招牌他都手到擒来。

Grab a seat at the bar, relax on a sofa or settle with friends in a private box, then get ready for a fun night and quality cocktails. | 您可以在酒吧里找个座位,在沙发上放松一下,或者和朋友订个包厢,然后就准备好享受一个愉快的夜晚和高质量的鸡尾酒吧。