Q has served quality classic cocktails for over a decade. Whether you seek a martini or Manhattan, a Moscow Mule or a margarita, you will get well-made drinks. Try the house specialties, too, including intriguing concoctions made with baijiu, China’s traditional spirit. Q has a small selection of wines, beers and shots to round out the portfolio. | 十多年来,Q Bar一直提供高品质的经典鸡尾酒。无论是马提尼(martini)或曼哈顿(Manhattan)、莫斯科骡子(Moscow Mule)还是玛格丽特(margarita),每一杯都是精心调制。也可以品尝一下店内特色,其中包括用中国白酒调制而成的作品,令人回味无穷。店里有一整套红酒,啤酒和shots,但选择不多。