With a stage, large screen, and bar and lounge areas inside, and room for 200-plus people outside, Q has plenty of event options. Q has hosted bands and DJs, corporate events, birthday and alumni parties, wine tastings, and other gatherings. | Q Bar室内拥有舞台,大屏幕,吧台和休息座椅,外有可容纳200多人的空间,是举办各种活动的最佳之选。Q Bar曾成功举办过乐队演唱会、公司发布会、生日派对、校友聚会、品酒会和其他聚会等等。

The deck can match the needs of a half-dozen people—or several hundred. Q also offers six private boxes for intimate gatherings with friends or colleagues. Each comes with a heater / air conditioner, personalized music option and buzzer to keep the drinks coming.  | 露台可以满足六个人(或几百人)的需求。Q Bar内还设有六个私人包厢,可用于与朋友或同事的亲密聚会。每个房间都配有一个暖气/空调,个性化的音响,以及一个蜂鸣器以保持饮料的流动。